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Introducing The Flasher! Harrod Blank's creative genius knows no bounds, as evidenced once again in this, his custom-made 68-pound "Flash Suit!" Designed to accompany his Camera Van, the Flash Suit was four months in the making and requires two 6-volt battery packs and constant maintenance to keep its 100+ actively flashing bulbs flashing! The whole suit contains in excess of 2,000 antique flash cubes and magicubes, and every inch is covered: the front, the back, the sleeves, the inseam, even his shoes and hat! Everything flashes! When Harrod Blank hits the stage or the street parade, every head turns!

Flash Suit on the Runway

Flash Suit .Avi 1.3 MB

Ok now how about checking out some candid photos that the Camera Van has taken

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Harrod Blank
Berkeley, CA

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