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The Camera Van has seen a lot!  It has been from coast to coast across the USA attending all kinds of events, parades, exhibits and Art Car Festivals.  It was last seen crossing the Atlantic...

Jun-1994 Palmer's Camera Store Berkeley, CA Store promotion
Nov-1994 Adolph Gasser's Camera Store San Francisco, CA Store promotion
Apr-1995 Camera Van Completed Berkeley, CA Let's hit the road!!!!! yahoooooooo
Apr-1995 Houston Art Car Parade Houston, TX 1st parade appearance
Apr-1995 New Orleans Art Car Parade New Orleans, LA Survived worst flood in 80 years
Aug-1995 Olgivy & Mather Ad Agency New York, NY To Lure Kodak digital account
Nov-1995 Eastman Kodak Parade Rochester NY Met & photographed CEO George Fisher
Aug-1995 Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY Lecture on art cars & photography
Nov-1995 American Visionary Art Museum Baltimore, MD Special appearance at museum opening?
Apr-1996 Polaroid Headquarters Boston MA Special appearance and tour of headquarters
Jun-1996 Savannah School of Arts & Design Savannah, GA Lectures on art cars and photograpy
Jul-1996 Artscape Baltimore, MD Art Car parade & Exhibit for weekend
Jul-1996 Brickyard 400 Rolling Reveiw Indianapolis, IN Art Car parade before race
Aug-1996 Wheels As Art Parade Minneapolis, MN Cool parade, took a lot of cool shots
Aug-1996 Hawthorne St. Parade Portland, OR Art Car Parade and Street Festival
Nov-1996 Michigan Technical University Houghton , MI Lecture on van & photography
Nov-1996 St. Cloud University St. Cloud, MN Lecture on the van and art cars
Jan-1997 Exploratoruim Exhibit San Francisco, CA Van on display w/photos, 1st show!
Apr-1997 Kingdome Auto Show Seattle, WA New Car Showroom - Lots of new cars.
Sep-1997 Art Car Fest San Francisco, CA Local festival we put on!
May-1998 Museum of Art in Tallahassee Tallahassee, Fl Parade appearance, Lecture on photography
Jul-1998 Tour of U.K. (5 cities in 1 mo.) England Promote Photo '98, Exhibit of CV photography
Nov-1999 Museum of Alternative Transport Hull, England Exhibit for six months w/photography
Nov-2000 Essen Motor Show         Essen, Germany World's largest auto show
Jan- 2001 Stuttgart CMT 2001 Motor Show   Stuttgart, Germany Large auto show
Aug- 2001
Burning Man Black Rock Desert, NV Drive-by shootings!
July 2001-May 2002 Art Car World Walnut Grove, CA Exhibit of 7 art cars and Camera Van photography
May 2002 Great Valley Conference Sacramento, CA Appearance at Central Valley Conference
Sept 2002 Art Car Fest San Francisco, CA Local festival we put on!
Feb-May 2003 Petersen Automotive Museum Los Angeles CA, USA 14 Art Cars on Exhibit.
July 1-2, 2003
Art On Wheels Summer Sensation
Buffalo, NY  
July 3-6, 2003
Friendship Festival
Fort Eerie, Ontario  
July 10-20, 2003
Just For Laughs Festival,
Montreal, Quebec  
July 25-27, 2003
Maud Lewis Folk Fest,
Digby, Nova Scotia  
August 14th, 2003
Appearance at Lynnwood Arts Centre
Simcoe, Ontario  
August 15th-17th, 2003
Gobsmacked Festival,
Toronto, Ontario  
July 15-22, 2007
The ArtCar Parade Minneapolis, MN  
August 3-4, 2007
6th Annual KY Art Car Weekend,
Louisville, KY  
September 1-3, 2007
Central Art Car Exhibit Omaha, NE  
October 18,2007 
Austin College, Sherman TX
Lecture on van to Mark Monroe's Sculpture Class (He created the "Brickmobile" with his students)
October 18, 2007
Grayson College Sherman TX 


Lecture on van and art cars to Humanities Classes

October 20, 21, 2007
Maker Faire, Austin TX 

Featured art car and led the "Art Car Build" workshop for HEYA, sponsored by Toyota

October 27, 2007 
Art Car World Museum   Douglas AZ  


Van on exhbit with 17 other art cars by appointment only, it's new home!

January 23, 2009
Santa Barbara Film Festival Santa Barbara, Ca


Camera Van opens the premiere of "Automorphosis"

February 14-21, 2009
San Francisco Indie Fest San Francisco, Ca
Camera Van appears at the SF Indie fest where "Automorphosis" wins audience Award for best documentary
April 3 - 7, 2009
Ashland Independent Film Festival Ashland, OR


Camera Van promotes the Film Fest in style

April 29- May 3 2009
Lubbock Arts Festival Lubbock, TX


Bringing culture to the midlands!

May 14-17, 2009
Tulsa Art Car Festival Tulsa, OK


Cameras weren't working, but sure wish they were, lots of great shots

May 21-23, 2009
Artcars of Eureka Springs Festival Eureka Springs, AR


Interesting festival in the Ozarks

July 10-14, 2009
Maine International Film Festival Waterville, ME 


Parked out front of Railroad Square Theater and played film on monitors and slides on back!

July 16, 2009
American Visionary Art Museum  Baltimore MD


A rare repeat - van helps to open free screening of the film at the museum

July 17-19, 2009
Artscape Festival Baltimore MD


Another repeat, huge fest with over 500,000 spectators

August 6-8, 2009 
Kentucky Art Car Weekend Louisville KY, Another repeat performance
September 16-24, 2009
Southern Circuit Tour Georgia & Florida Interesting Film Festival tour
September 27, 2009
Arts in the Park Burlington, NJ First ever art car event in Southern NJ!
October 15-18, 2009 
Royal Flush Film Festival New York, NY Great indie film fest where "Automorphosis" won best documentary!
November 15, 2009 
City Museum St. Louis MO A great interactive museum where kids go nuts

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